Vintage Levi's Guide - Inseams

There are basically 3 types of inseams on Levi's

- Single felled inseam:  first style of inseam used on the origional 501s and is present on most all Levi' made before the mid
  1980's.  It is one row of stitching going up the inner thigh.  Although this usually is also a clue that the garnment is vintage,        Levi's have recently started using this style of stitching again in its line up again.  Look for big block numbers on the paper        patch as well, if large print numbers are present, then the piece is of a newer style and not vintage.

 - Double felled inseam with different color stitching:  The second style of inseam used on Levi's Jeans.  Denotes a pair    of denims made between the mid 1980s and early 1990s.  While not usually a vintage piece, they may hold some value to      collectors.

 -Double felled inseam with same color stitching:  This is the most common modern style used from the mid 1980s upto     the    present time.  Although there were a few vintage pieces made with this style, notably the cowboy fit Levi's and Levi           606s which    were made in the 60s and 70s.  They are destinguishable by double felled seams on both the inseam and           outseam.  These jeans (606s) are quite valuable and can fetch up into the hundreds in good condition from collectors.  They    were apparently a favorite of Janis Joplin.

 Levi 606s with double felled(2 rows of stitching) on
 both in and outseam.

Single Felled inseam at leg opening      2 tone double felled inseam                               Double felled inseam one color