Vintage Levi's Jeans Guide - Hidden Rivets


-Appeared on jeans from the beginning as exposed on rear pocketa, but were covered by Levi's in 1937 due to customer complaints about damaging furniture.
-Removed in 1966 because they would eventually wear through the denim material, leading to exactly the same thing that
 caused them to be covered in 1937! Dark stitch Bartacking replaced them on the top pockets of Levi's 501's.  This was also  included in  many other models of Levi's up until the mid 1980s, and is a quick 'acid test' when hunting for vintage jeans.  A pair  of Levi's with dark pocket corners demand more investigation as vintage.  If the pair of jeans you have contain this feature - you are in luck - they fetch a premium from eBay and collectors, as well as dealers

Back view of the first style used                        Early style copper

Raised Levi's lettering