Levi 505 Jeans

505 Levis are designated by several identifing features:
-They all have a zip fly
-They can have either double stitch or single stitch rear pockets
-Can have either Big 'E' or small 'E' Red tab
- May have either no, one edge or two edges of redline selvedge

Vintage ones have a zipper marked with 'Talon 42',  Scovill, or Gripper Zipper, and have a single felled inseam, similar to vintage 501s

Prices can range from 20.00USD  for a basic Talon 42 non-redline upto 100.00USD+ for a pristine pair with a Big E red tab on Ebay.

 A two-tone double felled inseam                           double felled one color                                  single felled (one row of stitching on the inseam)