501 Redline Single Stitch

    Perhaps the second most popular type of Vintage Levi 501 are 'single stitch'.  These date from the mid 1970's back.  Other details have to be used in conjunction with this one in order to properly date the item.  For example:

- Jeans with a single stitch pocket and small 'e' on the red tab were made between 1971-1976(est.)
-  If the red tab is 'E', they were made before 1971.
-  Top button will always have a single number or letter stamped on it. tripple digits denote a 'double stitch' which is newer.
-  6, 2, 5, W are all common button stamps.  '6' being most common.  You may see these jeans refered to as '66's' or 'Route 66 Levis'
-  '6' was also used on 'double stitch' jeans - which are the step below these.

Picture of the 'single stitch' located on the rear pocket          Note the placement of the stitches closer together on the
                                                                                                        top bar of the rear pockets due to the single line of stitching
                                                                                                        it differs from the more modern and 'younger' vintage Levi's.