501 Redline Double Stitch

The 501 'Double stitch' Redline is probably the most common vintage Levi garment that you will run into.  These are 501's made between the mid-1970s and mid 1980s - 1983 or 1986 , I have seen both numbers quoted.  They have the following characteristics:

- Back of top button is stamped with :
     -6, 555, 554, 558, or 524.  With 524 seeming to be the most common
     -Redline Selevedge on outseam
     -Chain Stitching on upper stitch of rear pockets - at least 2 rows of stitching 'roped' together, a single needle stitch denotes a pair of  '501 Single Stitch' covered          here as well.

The infamous redline                   A  close-up of a '524' type button
at the bottom of the cuff

Note the rope type stitching on the inside seam of the pocket
this is noted as a pair of  'double stitch' Levi's.

These are your basic ' entry-level' pair of  vintage Levi's.  These will be the most common ones that you will find at flea-markets, garage sales and the like.  They are also the most common you will find for sale on Ebay.  Current market conditions as well as size, and desirability of fade will dictate what they will be worth on the Ebay market.  Expect anywhere from $20-100 USD when putting these up for auction.  Higher up in the range for  'wanted' sizes.  Odd sizes, colors, stains, holes and non-origional hems will all degrade the amount your garment wil fetch.